CSR activities


Bureau Veritas in Mozambique signs MoU to support essor in csr activities

Jul. 9 2021

Bureau Veritas in Mozambique will support ESSOR within the CSR program for 2021.

Bureau Veritas in Mozambique is supporting ESSOR, an international Solidarity Association acting in Mozambique. In 2020, one of Bureau Veritas Mozambique beneficiaries for CSR projects was ESSOR. Together Essor and Bureau Veritas in Mozambique capacitated around 70 young people to improve their soft skills with lessons and workshops for citizenship, hygiene, culture, emotional intelligence, financial education, labor market, and others. These young people benefit from guidance and counseling on their entrepreneurship ideas, being active leaders for their communities, and orientation to choose a profession they will pursue.

signature of the MoU BV and ESSOR

Bureau Veritas in Mozambique intends to impact more youth from different neighborhoods of Maputo and Beira Cities and engage them to become change agents for their communities, through learning experiences of handcrafts products, soft skills development, and learning spaces with different professionals.

All these young people go through a program called Percuso Cidadão, which could be translated to Citizen Pathway, where they go through a journey to become better citizens, youths, and members of their communities.

MoU signed by BV and ESSOR

On the 29th of June, the MoU (memorandum of understanding) between Bureau Veritas in Mozambique and ESSOR, was signed. This MoU marks the beginning of the CSR activities taking place this year by ESSOR with the support of Bureau Veritas in Mozambique.